7 RED FLAGS: Your Foundation Requires Repairs in Dayton, OH

July 10, 2021

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Never put off needed foundation repair in Dayton, OH, as foundation damage only tends to get worse over time and can result in costly wood rot, mold, and interior wall cracks. If you’re new to homeownership, you might note these 7 red flags that it’s time to call a foundation repair contractor near you and schedule an inspection for potentially needed repairs.

1. Cracks Can Mean It’s Time for Foundation Repair in Dayton OH

A home can develop interior wall and ceiling cracks for a variety of reasons, including poor-quality drywall materials and installation, water damage from a plumbing leak, or age. However, those cracks are also a common sign that it’s time for foundation repair!

inspector evaluating foundation repair in Ohio

A foundation keeps a structure steady and level; once that foundation weakens, the entire structure shifts, often settling or sinking along one side or another. As a house shifts, it pulls on solid surfaces including walls and ceilings, resulting in cracks. If you notice cracks along interior surfaces in your home, schedule a foundation inspection to at least rule out foundation damage as a cause!

2. Plumbing Issues and Foundation Repair for a Dayton Home

You might not associate plumbing issues with needed foundation repair; however, when a house settles it also pulls on plumbing pipes and connectors, just as it does interior drywall. This pulling can move pipes out of proper alignment or pull apart pipes and connectors, leading to clogs and water leaks. If you notice persistent plumbing issues in your home, have the foundation checked before performing repairs so you can avoid persistent plumbing issues in the future.

3. Uneven Doors and Windows Often Indicate Foundation Damage

When a house settles on a weak foundation, it also pulls door frames and window frames out of alignment. Because doors and windows are separate pieces from the frames, they can then stick, or doors might swing open slightly on their own.

You might also notice gaps along the top or bottom areas of sliding closet doors. Rather than sanding down door and window frames or trying to force doors and windows to work, schedule a foundation inspection if you notice these issues on your property.

4. Be Aware of Damp, Musty Basements, and Interior Rooms

Never assume that basements are just naturally damp and musty! Foundation cracks let in moisture that gets trapped in basements or, in the case of slab foundations, along a home’s first floor rooms. If you notice musty odors in the home, damp basement walls or floors, or other issues with excess moisture in the home, have the foundation inspected for needed repairs.

5. Look for Damaged Trim and Corner Gaps

cracked basement foundation on home in Dayton

Settling homes mean uneven walls inside; as walls become uneven, they pull away from trim work and even each other. Foundation damage might result in baseboards and crown molding separating from the wall behind those pieces, or gaps forming in room corners as drywall panels pull away from each other.

6. Note Risks to the Foundation on Your Property

Excess water collecting around foundation concrete is a common risk factor for foundation damage. If your property has flooded recently or if it’s not graded properly, or you’ve neglected the gutters so that rainwater washes over their sides continuously, it’s probably time for a foundation inspection. If left unchecked, that excess moisture around the concrete can lead to cracks and other damage, and the need for foundation repairs.

7. How Old and Well-Maintained Is the Foundation?

While older foundations don’t always need repairs, foundation concrete can degrade over time. How well it’s maintained affects its lifespan as well! Note your home’s age and if you’ve invested in regular foundation waterproofing and other needed maintenance, and have made repairs to small cracks as they appear. The more diligent you’ve been with foundation maintenance, the less likely it is to weaken and crack.

contractor working at best foundation repair companies in Dayton

On the other hand, if you’ve neglected needed basement or foundation waterproofing and ignore small cracks, this might allow the foundation to weaken more quickly and damage to get more extensive! The older the foundation and the less diligent you’ve been about maintenance and repairs, the more likely it is that you’ll need to schedule repairs.

Dayton Foundation Repair Experts is happy to share this quick list of 7 red flags that might indicate it’s time for foundation repair in Dayton. If you notice any of these issues on your property, call our Dayton foundation repair experts! We offer expert, guaranteed services you can trust. For more information, give us a call today.

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